Table quality berries from the ground up.
Healthful berries require healthy soil.
We use sustainable practices
to build and maintain soil fertility.
  Our drip irrigation system
assures milder flavor and
consistent berry size.
Photos by James M. Theuri


(natural, kosher)

Aronia Berries




Look for our dried aronia and frozen (IQF) aronia berries at these Chicago area locations:

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Aronia Berries are available at Commonground South Suburban Food Co Op


Aronia Jumpstart

1/2 cup old-fashioned raw oats
1/4 cup Coldbrook Farm dried sweetened aronia berries
2 tsp flax seed (for an Omega-3 boost)

Combine ingredients. Serve with milk.

Variations: Toss in some banana slices, peaches or strawberries.

(If desired, make in advance and refrigerate in a tight container.)

Serves 1.


Aronia Berry Satin Smoothie

2 cups strawberry yogurt
1/2 cup frozen (IQF) Coldbrook Farm aronia berries

Put the yogurt in a blender, then the berries. Blend until the drink looks and feels like satin.

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